Slideshow: Gymnastics Birthday Party

12 May

A few weeks ago Lyra was invited to attend a joint  birthday party for a little girl who was turning one and her big brother who was turning five. I asked the mom for permission to take pictures of the day to expand my skills in event photography. The party was held in a gymnastics studio that had a strange mix of florescent gym lighting and huge skylights.

That in combination with the dozen leaping and flying kids and a relapse of vertigo made for some challenging photo-taking. I compensated by shooting about 500 photographs, of which less than 90 were decent, and many of those were soft-focus.

Lots of lessons to take into my next event, which I hope there will be more of. One of the areas of photography I’d love to break into would be small events. There’s something about the ability to capture the small details in a more intimate setting like a birthday party, christening, or even holiday dinner, that really appeals to me.

Here’s a selection fo my favorite images from the party:

You can view the video larger on vimeo. The song is Pizza and Chocolate Milk by Terrible Twos.

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