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cal.li.py.gi.an |ˌkaləˈpijēən| (also cal.li.py.ge.an)

having well-shaped buttocks.

DERIVATIVES callipygous |-ˈpīgəs| adjective

This is the personal blog of Yolanda. I write about my life, which was dramatically transformed on July 9, 2007 when I had an amazing, un-medicated labor and birth and met my daughter, Lyra, for the first time. The next morning I awoke in ICU attached to a respirator, and eventually learned that I was given an emergency hysterectomy due to postpartum hemorrhage.

These experiences have left deep, permanent and profound marks on me, and frequently, I write about them.

You can read the first things I wrote about these experiences here and here, when it was all new and raw.

The truth is, it stayed raw for a long time. And sometimes, I still feel raw about it. But right now I’m writing about a lot of other things, including the launch of my portrait photography business, intrinsic images. This space is evolving as I grow more comfortable with bringing more of me—my interests, my passions, my successes and failures—into it.


Contact me:

yolanda [at] callipygianchronicle [dot] com

last updated: 10.25.2010


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  1. Mocha September 5, 2008 at 4:56 pm #

    Yolanda – your comments are closed on that amazingly thoughtful post that spoke to my very English teacher soul.

    Marry me?

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