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December Daily 2010: Day 3

4 Dec

December Daily: Day 3

Day three and little bits of Christmas have poked their heads up from the ground. The advent buckets have made a reappearance and have begun to be filled with little bits and bobs. since many of our advent gifts are activities, and my daughter is too young to read, I print out coloring pages that I find online that are a clue to the day’s activity. For instance, Day 4 has a train coloring page because we are going on our annual Santa Train trip.

In the background on the left page you’ll see this year’s super cheap, and super handmade decoration inspired by ones I saw online (I can’t remember the source but will link if I find it). Mason jars + Epsom salt + tea light candle. It looks like a luminaria in snow.

Here’s the journaling:

At long last the first decorations have gone up. The tree is still in the garage. All else is still stacked in plastic storage bins. It was fun to pull out the advent buckets for the second year and begin to fill them with activities and small gifts. A jam packed holiday weekend awaits us. We may have to relish in these small signs of Christmas for a few more days.


December Daily 2010: Day 2

3 Dec

December Daily 2010: Day 2

Another 5×5 spread for Day 2. For some reason I struggled with the precise placement of the elements for this layout for a ridiculous amount of time. Time I really should have spent doing something else more productive. Not that documenting the holiday season is unproductive, per se. But it’s images + words and a date stamp. Why I manage to stretch that into a 2 hour tweakfest is beyond me.

Here’s the journaling:

In just three short years this event has become a tradition for our family. Although we are in a small city, the arrival of Santa on an old-fashioned fire engine and the sound of carolers belting their hearts out, Makes me feel like I am living in a small town. A town where you actually know the names of the volunteers who decorate the tree and the regular eat dinner with the man wearing the beard.

Although Daddy wasn’t able to join us this year, we had fun munching mini donuts and seeing the sights at the festival. I laughed when you said, “It’s the same tree as last time.” It shows that you’re becoming aware of the tradition, too. When you are my age, Christmas will mean getting out into your community and spending a night together. And I definitely want that for you.