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So goes the nation

5 Feb

Today, my husband and I will go to the polls and place votes for different candidates in the California primary. While we will be voting for different parties, the candidates we chose have inspired our vote for essentially the same reasons: we want to pick a candidate whom we believe can save this country from self-destruction.

Yes, we believe the stakes are that high. They are high because our country is in big trouble financially and emotionally.

The financial crisis has been well publicized. While some argue about whether we are in a recession or just on the brink of one, few outside the Bush Administration will suggest that we are doing well financially. The last two presidential elections brought up deep divisions of class and culture, making at least half of us feel like we had been cheated. I am highly skeptical that we can withstand a third round without descending into chaos. This is catastrophic language, but it is honestly what I feel is at stake his time.

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