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Photo Challenge: i heart faces | beach fun

24 Aug

I promise to share more in this space beyond party planning and photographs, soon. But right now I am knee deep in preparing for the launch of my first business, which is as time-consuming and financially draining as it sounds. More on that venture, soon…

In the mean time, let’s play along with this week’s beach theme from i heart faces. Unlike most weeks, I actually have several images to choose from for this one. Which is somewhat surprising, given that I am one of those heart-breaking people who live four miles from the Pacific Ocean; but a lifetime filled with body issues and years spent terrified of having my head submerged in water, means that the beach is really the last place I think of when I want to have a good time.

It’s not that I hate the beach. I’m just not drawn to it like I am to back country roads and mountain views. But,  several friends from our now-defunct playgroup for a day at the beach, where I took a series of images that I immediately fell in love with. I wish I could say I knew when that was going to happen. Some days I have it, and some days the muse just vanishes.

The image below was one my favorites from day. It’s probably not the best choice because you can’t see the ocean, or even the sand. Unless you take a look at her fingers…


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Photo Challenge: i heart faces | Surprise

10 Aug

The theme for this week’s i heart faces photo challenge is Surprise. There’s nothing better than that look people have when they see or experience something unexpected. But the moment can be so fleeting, you don’t have time to reach for your camera, let alone adjust all your settings and attempt to get the shot. So part of the element of surprise comes from actually being ready to capture the moment when it happens. And if you can manage to get it in focus and exposed correctly, it’s all the better.

Here’s a picture of my water-timid girl being surprised by a sprinkler blast to the face when we recently visited a splash park.

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Photo Challenge: i heart faces | Purple

26 Jul

Although I failed kind of miserably with the red-wearers for my Roy G Biv Party portrait project, the purple-wearers seemed to charm my lens to no end. So, for this week’s i heart faces purple-themed photo challenge, I had plenty of good choices.

But in the end, I decided to go with this image of Little A, my daughter’s friend from preschool. I just love the messiness of her hair, her tilted head and her expression.

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