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I’m not here…

30 Aug

…because I’m here.

I don’t know that The Callipygian Chronicle is dead, but she will be dormant for the foreseeable future. My vision and voice is now being poured into my business, where I’m posting images and content a few times a week. And being able to be me, truly me, in that space has unlocked a lot of trapped creative energy for me.

You can also find me on facebook or Google+ (which I don’t post to, yet).

And because I like images, here’s a recent one you may have missed.


The big suck

23 Jun

Some time after the holidays, the muse left. I don’t know what scared her away. Or why she has stayed hidden for so many months. I only know that I suddenly had a deep hatred of every photograph I took and an even stronger resistance to taking new ones. My work sucked. It wasn’t worth paying for. My camera sucked. My business model sucked. My follow through sucked. My budget problems sucked. My ability to make this work…sucked.

Talking about it sucks, but here I am, talking about it.

I don’t know why I encounter creative blocks like these (and always have). Nor why it is so hard for me to break free of them once they occur. I haven’t quite broken free of this current funk. The muse has not returned. But, it’s possible, she may have booked her return flight and is on her way home.

Pumpkin Portrait (just because)

25 Oct

Constructing and maintaining a blog for my new business, has made it a little hard to find time to write my more personal stories. This is still the place I reserve for that, but for the past few months it’s been a little more reserved than I wish. I’m making no promises on turning that around. It’s holiday season, and I always fall way off the blogging wagon during that time. Just know that this space is not dead, even when it gets a little quiet. I’m still busy at work over here in this other space. And though there is not as much writing, there is a lot of me there. They are stories in different form, in that they are stories I am telling for others, and not only about myself.

That’s a long intro to say, here is a portrait of Lyra at the pumpkin patch.

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