31 Dec

There’s no other words to describe the year I’ve just had, other than: game changing.

There’s probably a better word choice, a singular latinate phrase that could sum it all up more articulately, more academically. But I lack that word, and I’m not getting a thesaurus out to find it. In 2010 the game, and the way I played it, changed in a profound way.

I launched a business. I designed and built a web site, using every ounce of skill I learned a decade ago when I attended deign school. I read and read. Camera manuals. Books on exposure and portrait lighting. Pricing. Taxation. Sales. Marketing. Photoshop. Lightroom. Outside of college, I have never read so many non-fiction books in a year.

My daughter left every last vestige of babyhood behind. Goodbye high chair and training pants. Goodbye Mommy & Me preschool classes. Goodbye help getting dressed and fastening shoes…

I have some thoughts on what awaits me in 2011, but I will get to those later in the month, as I usually do, around my birthday (my 35th!). For now. I’m sharing this look back at 2010 in pictures that I posted last week on the intrinsic images blog.

Click the image. Video will open in a new window.

P.S.—In case you’re curious, my December Daily is delayed but not dead. Some last minute client business made it too hard to create the daily layouts while doing what I most wanted to do, which is remain connected and enjoy the season with my family. So, I continued to take pictures and make notes throughout the season. The finished layouts will come in time.


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  1. Cece January 2, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    What a great compilation…they must be fun to put together. Here’s to continued success in 2011! :)

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