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December Daily 2010: Day 5

7 Dec

December Daly 2010: Day 5

Noting much more too add. Fighting a cold today and playing catch up on multiple projects.

Here’s the journaling:

Today we took a trip to a neighboring community to visit their festival/craft fair known as Santa’s Magical Village. Unlike so many things, the festival is completely free. There were various craft stations for the little kids, which were run by teens. Lyra loved painting and spreading glitter glue on her ornaments, along with decorating and then munching a plain sugar cookie. Photos with Santa were donation-only and camera-toting moms like me could take as many shots as we wanted for free. I kind of blew it on my settings, so we will live with an imperfect Santa picture for this year.



December Daily 2010: Day 4

7 Dec

December Daily 2010: Day 4

Telling the story of more active days is proving to be a challenge in this small format, mostly because of the journaling. I have too much to say about the day and not enough legible space to do it in. I knew I would do an image collage for this Santa Coaster trip. And though I too many more pictures than this, I selectively edited them down to jus the ones you see here. I’m trying to limit myself to color correction and quick edits in Lightroom. But because I massage images to death for my clients, I have to make a conscious effort not to do that with these. Portrait sessions are different from a scrapbook and represent something more idealized. I don’t want to create a record of December Ideal. I want to create a record  of our December Real.

(And part of that reality is that it may take me until the 6th to write about what happened on the 4th.)

Here’s the journaling:

On Saturday morning we took our annual ride on the Santa Coaster. It was disappointing this year on a lot of fronts, but I’ll start with the positive surprise of running into several friends from our defunct playgroup, some whom I haven’t seen since last year. Lyra had a major meltdown (screaming, wailing tears) as the train ride went on 30-minutes longer than scheduled. Santa was in a big ‘ol hurry and didn’t stop to take pictures with each child like he has in the past. Luckily we’ll be catching him for some one-on-one time during Sunday’s planned event.

Saturday night we drove down to San Diego and went to Aunt Ditas annual Christmas party. I danced for hours and am definitely still feeling it. But if my mom who had knee surgery just 6 months ago, was going to be tearing up the floor, I had to jump out there, too. Lyra hit the dance floor several minutes after we arrived; and even after a change into pajamas shortly before 11, she had to be convinced that dancing time must eventually come to an end. It was a fun and exhausting day and night filled with family and friends.