December Daily 2010: Day 1

1 Dec

December Daily 2010: Day 1

It’s that time of year, again. Twenty-five days of capturing the holiday season in words and images. This year I’m planning to do a 5×5 album with each day laid out over a 2-page spread. I’m actually going pretty minimalist for photos.

I am aiming for one or two each day, making a collage for only the most active days, with a specific holiday story. This is my first holiday season since launching my photography business, and the last-minute craziness that I was warned about has come my way. As for now, the tree isn’t up and neither is a single decoration. But it will all come out in time.

Here is the journaling for Day 1:

It’s not the most obvious way to describe our beginning of December. But today was a quiet day, spent mostly in front of the computer screen, editing photos for clients, and readying orders for the lab.

There was some Muppets Family Christmas on the television. A few rounds of Zingo, and pancakes for breakfast. There was a lot of time spent pouring through the calendar and planning the days ahead.

But were it not for Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy coming through the speakers, you wouldn’t know that this was anything other than an ordinary fall day.

It’s not exactly the quiet before the storm, but it is definitely a beginning.

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