Party Planning: Activities with a Rainbow Theme

24 Jun

This is the first in a series of posts about the planning and execution of my daughter’s third birthday party. You can read all of the posts in this series here.

Keeping in mind that the birthday girl and the majority of her guests will be mere preschoolers, I have no intention of cramming in all or even half of these activities. And frankly Lyra would be completely thrilled with us renting a bouncer and doing nothing else. But I think that stronger memories are built on the small party games and interacting or competing with the other party guests. That’s not to disparage bounce houses. I would have killed for one when I was a kid, if they had been anything other than an untouchable luxury item.

Rainbow Piñata

Living in a border city has its advantages. One, is that almost every birthday party involves beating a papier mâché character with a stick until falls apart and spills out candy guts. Sounds pretty gruesome, but as a kid it’s good fun. Great fun for adults, too. Here’s a shot of my mom swinging away at a piñata at my dad’s 60th birthday party.

Pin Roy G Biv on the Rainbow

A take-off on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We’ll take a cut-out drawing of the Roy G Biv character from this video and have the children attach theirs to a giant rainbow while blindfolded.

Drawing with Rainbow Crayons

I found this set of rainbow crayons for a good price and free shipping at Oriental Trading. I plan to set these out  along with some traditional crayons and a giant roll of paper and let the kids go to town. The finished collaborative drawing will make a neat keepsake. I’ll also put out some rainbow coloring pages. I particularly these from Secret Agent Josephine.

Rainbow Tissue Tie-Dye

This is a fun and somewhat messy craft, but far less messy than the alternative methods for tie dyeing clothes. You use pieces of bleeding tissue paper and a spray bottle to make colorful patterns on a white teeshirt. You can read full details on the Artful Parent blog. This would make a great take home craft following the party, especially for older kids.

Rainbow “Group” Photo

In the invitation to the party, the guests are being encouraged to dress in vibrant colors, a single color even better. My goal is to get a photo of each child against a white background, which I then plan to stitch together in Photoshop in color spectrum order. If it works out, the final image is going to be 100 kinds of awesome. If not, all of the bright colors will still make for a bright a cheery scene and plenty of great snapshots.

Guess How Many

A great excuse to pile hundreds of colorful gum balls, M&M’s, and skittles in glass jars. This will primarily be for the older kids and adults. They will each get a chance to guess how many of each candy are in the jars and the closest will win a prize. The colorful candy will also make great decoration.

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