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photo challenge: i heart faces | smiles

26 Apr

The theme for this week’s i heart faces photo challenge is smile. Since I take mostly candids, smiling photos are actually a rarity for me. But I did manage to get this shot during a fun-filled visit to my brother’s house. Lyra has been slow to warm up to the idea that other kids = fun. But I think you can tell from her face that on this day, she was so full of joy she was glowing.

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As Promised: My First Maternity Session

26 Apr

This is Natalie. She’s momma to a little boy who will born sometime between now and the end of May.

The day after her baby shower she let me take these portraits of her. She let me even though I’d never done a portrait session before. She let me even though I rarely get it right in the camera. She let me, even though I was nervous.

She says she loves these pictures. I think I do, too.

You can view the video larger on vimeo. The song is Momma to You by Anne Heaton.