A Week in the Life: Saturday Highlights

25 Apr

Saturday was another full day that began with a 5 AM rise—for the second, consecutive day.

Lyra is routinely waking up at that time right now, but is still going to bed a later hour designed around her more typical 8 AM wake up time. The result is a lot of crying fits and extra low tolerance for frustration (her, mostly…but me, too). I documented several of these breakdowns throughout the week, but none have made it into the collages. I expect that when I dive into creating the full album, with all of the stories from the week, not merely the highlights, they will make an appearance.

Bedtime issues are an ongoing story around these parts (as they are for all parents, I’m sure). So I definitely want to include a story that explains the full effect of the constant sleep disruptions, because it really can overshadow the entire day.

Garrett bough me a belgian waffle iron for Christmas (it was one of my requests).
Since then I have taken to regularly making waffles and have been testing out
several recipes in search of The One: a perfect combination of crispy outside
texture and an airy, non-eggy interior. I have finally found it in this recipe
for the Easiest Crispiest Yeast Waffle. It is simply perfect. I mixed the batter
before going to bed on Friday night (I also prepped a pork shoulder for the slow
cooker, a disaster of which I shall explain in the album).

Following a bunch more cleaning and photo editing, Garrett
suggested we try and take Lyra to mini-golf. Since she has
perfectionist tendencies, I was a bit skeptical. There was a possibility
she would only want to hit the ball the right way and become
extremely frustrated when her 2-year-old dexterity let her down.
Instead, she had a great time simply picking balls up and dropping
them in the hole repeatedly, giving us a hole-in-one every time we teed up.
Going to arcades and mini-golf is something we did a lot in the pre-baby
child years. This was a very different experience, but way more fun.

Some detail shots from the rest of our mini-golf outing, along
with a lovely closeup I was able to get of this bee. Bees have
been a recurring thematic element to our April.  It’s worthy
of its own post. Along with the return of the hummingbirds.
Perhaps before summer, I will manage to get it written down.

Another spontaneous idea from Garrett. We had a coupon for
a free soft-serve cone. Lyra had never licked ice cream from a cone
before. Her expression says a lot. She loved the ice cream, but
she can’t tolerate being messy and was begging for a napkin
as soon as she realized she has ice cream on her nose. I didn’t tell
that she had also gotten it in her hair.


2 Responses to “A Week in the Life: Saturday Highlights”

  1. Margaret May 11, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    Hi Yolanda – I love your pages and your little girl is adorable. She’s so lucky to have a photographer as her Mum. I wish I could have my time over again and do a Week in the Life when my kids were little. I don’t think I was brave enough to try mini-golf with an under-three! When I ran out of activities I would take them to the swimming pool and they would play in the water for hours. I might have to try you yeasted waffle recipe too!

    • Yolanda May 12, 2010 at 2:34 pm #

      Ohhhh I don’t call myself a photographer, Margaret. Some day I hope to get there. Right now I am learning and taking 50 shots to get one good one :-) Thank you for stopping by!

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