Fun: Fix-It Friday (47)

12 Mar

i heart faces Fix-It-Friday

Once again I am participating along with i heart faces photo editing assignment. The original image was a tough one, as it was badly underexposed, something you might delete right off the bat without even trying. But, with good tools a lot of things are possible.

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The exposure was actually pretty easy to correct. Most of my edits were made in attempt to capture the ambient glow of the pin ball machine and the mood that’s created when a child sees something magical at work for the first time.

My workflow is not so much flow, as a messy tennis match. But here’s the gist  of….

what I did:

In Lightroom

  • increased exposure
  • increased recovery to fix blown out areas
  • cropped
  • reduced noise

In Photoshop

  • ran free CoffeeShop Perfect Portrait action (wound up deleting all layers except the skin retouch and vivid color)
    • used 20% opacity brush on skin > gaussian blur filter > reduced opacity of filter
    • reduced opacity of vivid color layer after removing from unwanted areas with an 85% brush
  • ran free Touch of Light/Darkness action from MCP Actions
    • used low opacity brush to add light on different areas of skin to increase highlight
    • used higher opacity brush on background to reduce distraction by adding dark
    • used low opacity brush on pinball machine to add light and bring out reflection

back to Lightroom…

  • increased exposure again
  • added warmth
  • used exposure adjustment brush brighten eyes
  • tried out a whole bunch of Lightroom presets that I didn’t like.

back to Photoshop…

  • ran free Crystal Clear Sharpening for Web action from MCP Actions
    • used very low opacity brush to remove from unwanted areas

2 Responses to “Fun: Fix-It Friday (47)”

  1. Caroine March 13, 2010 at 4:52 am #

    Love your workflow (sounds so like me ~ try it, don’t like it, undo it, try something else!!) and your outcome definitely achieves what you set out to! It’s a brilliant edit :D

  2. Jessica Legan March 13, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    LOL- Your workflow sounds a lot like mine- great minds…. :)

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