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Photo Challenge: i heart faces | hands on

21 Feb

I have a little bit of an obsession with capturing hands and feet in photographs. Our feet are our constant companions, carrying us through all our journeys. Leaving a print to mark where we’ve been. Our hands are weary travel companions, and their image tells the story of touch—the physical, and the emotional.

The theme for this week’s i heart faces photo challenge is hands on. This is my first time entering. Though I had several images I thought might fit the theme, my eye kept coming back to this picture I took last summer during an unbearably long hot spell. The melting popsicle dripping down on her dirt-covered fingers made me wistful for my own childhood, which was not nearly as joyous and free. And I am so grateful that I had my camera around to capture a moment that says childhood and summer.

i heart faces | hands on challenge

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hands on challenge | outtakes

21 Feb

Here are the other photos I was considering for the i heart faces hands on challenge, along with a little bit of background. These are unedited, straight out of camera shots. All were taken with my point-and-shoot (I’ve only had my dSLR for 6-weeks).


shades of family

This is the first image I thought of when I read about the challenge. I’m not totally sure why I didn’t use it, except that I wasn’t sure the image itself told a story. When I see it, I am whisked to a very certain time and place: six weeks after leaving the hospital with my newborn, we are sitting in the family garden at Children’s Hospital as my 5-year-old niece is about to undergo surgery on her spine. Like my daughter, my niece is biracial, and the hands and arms you see here are my mom’s, my niece, and my daughter’s.

baby fist


Taken when my girl was two-months old, as she napped in a bean bag chair. It was one of our first days alone after my husband had to return to full-time office work. And I was captivated by the way the light was hitting perfectly on that impossibly small fist, that was already larger than when she came into the world.

baby hand and foot

grab the light

Another baby hand, pudgily grabbing at her foot. She is six-months-old here and had just learned to sit up. And once again, I caught a pretty beam of sun as it spot-lit her fingers and toes.