Fun: Fix-It-Friday (44)

19 Feb

i heart faces Fix-It-Friday

I’m playing along with Fix-It Friday again at i heart faces. This girl was standing in such a cute pose, but I decided the true story was in her face. Details are after the jump, if you’re interested. You can view dozens of other takes on this photo at i heart faces.

Original Image:

i heart faces 44 original

Edited  Version 1:

fix it friday 44—version 1

Edited version 2, scrapbook style:

fix it friday 44—version 2

Here’s a list of my edits by program (once again I lost track when I got to Photoshop because I spend so much time doing and undoing, without having an actual plan):

Adobe Light Room

Adjust White Balance to Shade

Adjust Tone Curve

  • Strong cintrast
  • Highlights: +12
  • Lights: +17
  • Darks: +10
  • Shadows: -21

Increase Exposure to +.44

Cropped at waist to emphasize face (though I the way she is standing in the original).

Added a Vignette

Apply 2 presets:

  • WoW Glow 3
  • WoW-a WB Shade

Adjustment Brushes

  • Sharpened hair, eyes, clothing and hair barette
  • Increases exposure on face .23
  • Added 2% color to eyes, cheeks, and hair

Increase Temp to 8808

Photoshop CS4

  • Applied unsharp mask
  • Used healing brush to remove dark spots that showed up when sharpened
  • Apply 3 pixel Gaussian Blur
  • Apply Pioneer Woman Action Old West, opacity 46%

For version 2 I used the following digital scrapbooking products:

  • Typesets Memory 1 by Cathy Zeilske
  • Around Words No 4 by Katie Pertiet
  • Notebook Paper Masks No 1 by Katie Pertiet

4 Responses to “Fun: Fix-It-Friday (44)”

  1. Caroine February 20, 2010 at 2:42 am #

    Your edits are AMAZING!! I love the work you did in LR (might have to check back here more often for tips!) , but the scrapbooking is SO effective!

  2. Rhonda Stansberry February 20, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    Love your edits!

  3. Melissa February 20, 2010 at 7:50 pm #

    I love your versions!

  4. Amie February 21, 2010 at 9:18 am #


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