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Fun: Fix-It-Friday (43)

14 Feb

i heart faces Fix-It-Friday

The photography site,  heart faces, offers a weekly photo editing assignment called Fix-It-Friday. The concept is simple. You download the assigned photo for the week and apply your own personal fix. That is, edit it using the digital tools of your choice. Since digital photo-editing is becoming an ever-increasing hobby of mine, I thought I’d start playing along with the assignments and pushing myself to get faster and more refined with Photoshop and Lightroom.

Here’s the original photo:

i heart faces Fix-It-Friday #43

The photographer’s primary complaint were as follows:

The background clutter probably bothers me the most. Also, her face is washed out on one side while the other is in the shadow. The colors are also very gray and cool.

Here’s my edited version:

Fix-It-Friday Version 1

Here’s a different version, with some scrapbook elements:

Fix-It-Friday  #43 Version 2

A rough overview of my edits:

In Adobe Light Room

  • Adjust temperature, adding warmth
  • Increased Fill Light
  • Used Adjustment Brush to sharpen eyes
  • Used Adjustment Brush to lower exposure on left half of face
  • Added Post Cropped Vignette
  • Cropped out part of the stairs

In Photoshop CS4

  • Applied Unsharp Mask filter
  • Applied slight  Gaussian Blur to bring softness back to skin
  • Removed blur from hair and eyes
  • Used Healing Brush to remove spots brought out by Unsharp Mask
  • Used Burn tool to darken stairs
  • Applied word art and background texture (for version 2)

I may have done other things, but since a lot of this is trial and error for me, I tend to forget.