December Daily: Day 18, 19, 20

14 Jan

Day 18

With this layout I am taken again by the magic of this process of documenting every day in December. Pizza Friday is a way of life for us. It is as strong a food memory for me as one can have. But it’s not Christmas-y”. It’s just an ordinary Friday. I’d never think about documenting it, if it hadn’t been for this. I’d never think about acknowledging its role in establishing traditions, in a season that’s all about traditions. Here’s what the journaling says:

We didn’t have a lot of traditions growing up, holiday or otherwise. During the years that my dad worked two jobs, my mom and I would eat salami, cheese, and hot apple cider on Christmas Eve. We’d turn on Christmas music and turn off all the lights, except for the Christmas tree. But like many things, that started for a while and stopped. Nothing persisted. The exception to that lack of tradition, was pizza Friday. Every Friday for as long as I can remember my dad bought two pizzas: pepperoni and sausage with extra cheese, easy sauce, cooked well done. And since I’ve moved out into the adult world, it’s a tradition I continue. Often we make it at home. On this Friday, we’re at Killer Pizza from Mars eating a half pepperoni, half bacon, with one slice of cheese for Lyra.

Day 19 Day 20

Although both photos are from the same event, they represent the highlight of our weekend. Here Lyra is working on her first gingerbread house with her cousins. Although the decorating was mildly interesting to her, the chocolate eating was even more so. The journaling is below:

The highlight of this weekend was our Saturday spent decorating gingerbread houses with all the young kids in our extended family. For Lyra, that meant less decorating and more sampling. We followed the decorating with a huge family dinner out at the Old Spaghetti Factory. We also visited an amazing neighborhood with yard and window lighting displays, but none of the photos came out.

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