December Daily: Day 17

14 Jan

Day 17Day 17 right

My original design for this spread had space for many more pictures, as I knew there would be a lot of story to tell when fifteen young children have a surprise visit from Santa, who just happens to bring a special toy for each one of them. To our surprise, Santa took time with each and every child, allowing them to sit on his lap and open their special gift. Lyra was first up and I was surprised how comfortable she was this time. But nothing surprised me more than the HUGE reaction she had to unwrapping one of her favorite library books, One Boy. I was too surprised and busy smiling to have captured that memory with my camera, but I’m so thrilled to watch her passion for books and “reading” emerge at such a young age. Books are her favorite play things, by a long margin.

Although I left the party with plenty of magical images to fill all of those waiting spaces in my layout, in the end, the page looked chaotic and the story was unfocused. These two images most closely conveyed the enchantment the white-bearded man creates when little believers are in his presence. I have many feelings about the myth of Santa and the role adults play in perpetuating the myth, and often the commercial greediness of the holiday; but if childhood should be about anything, it should definitely be about magic. I love the slack-jawed wonder and rapt attention on the children’s faces as they await their turn in Santa’s lap. And I love seeing Lyra sit so confidently and comfortably with this visitor who truly loves to put a smile on every child’s face.


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  1. captaincaveman7 February 1, 2010 at 6:58 am #

    Hi Yolanda, I followed a link you left with your comment on a Zrecs blog post and ended up here. As someone who spends a great deal of time reading books on parenting and child psychology, I was intrigued to find a like-minded soul half-way across the world (I’m in Asia). Anyhow, thanks for the online links to articles in NurtureShock. I had read only two of the articles previously and was grateful for the links to the others, as well as the endorsement of the book. I’d also be very grateful if you somehow manage to find the time to point me to some sites that you rely on for up to date information on parenting and the like. If not, I’d understand.

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