Ooops…someone pushed the pause button

12 Jan

Although I was dutifully creating and uploading my December Daily pages to flickr, I seem to have fallen way behind on sharing them here. My birthday is approaching and I’ll soon compose an overly-introspective and self-loving/loathing post summing up the last year and busting out some areas of focus for the new year. One of them will be to find a way to make peace with the creating and sharing that I do in this space. Before I can get to that (and believe me, I just want to get to that; to move on to 2010 like everyone else is doing), I still have four more pages to complete for my album.

But, rather than wait for the magical moment when I am finished with them all, I’m going to finish telling the story of these pages with the long-eyed view of an almost full month of hindsight. It’s not how I intended to tell it; but the loss of immediacy is better than the choking desire I have to throw my hands up (again) and simply decide I have the creative persistence of a struggling five-year-old. (Yes, I am pretty thoroughly blocked as to how to complete the remaining four days, when I only managed to capture two of them in photographs.)

So, bare with me as I keep on blasting you with Christmas cheer for a few more posts. We’ll be getting off this sleigh very shortly.


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  1. jaymee January 12, 2010 at 10:03 am #

    i don’t care how you do it. i just love when you show back up here. seeing a new post from you always brightens my day.

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