December Daily: Day 12 and 13

12 Jan

When I created the foundation pages for this project in early November, Day 12 and 13 were immediate favorites. I loved the bold graphic look of them and I couldn’t wait to see what these pages would look like complete. Unfortunately, this means that my most successful designs had to be put to work using images from a weekend where nothing extraordinary happened.

And this is the beauty, but also the constraint, of working on a scrapbook in this fashion. In most circumstances you have the images first. The event has already happened. You know what story you want to tell, what memory you want to record. And this knowledge informs all of your design choices—from color, to font, to layout. But with December Daily the foundation of the pages are laid out in advance. The color choices, number of images on each page, and their sizes are pre-specified by you long before you know what Saturday, December 12th is actually going to look like. Of course, things can (and d0) change while you’re assembling (especially when working digitally).

But, the goal is not to to spend the entire month of December worrying about creating a scrapbook. Rather, the goal is to know you already have a vessel in which to tell the story of your holiday season. Your job is to document in words and images ad then store that documentation into the vessel you’ve already created.

So, December 12th and 13th arrived and I had two beautiful pages, with seemingly unimportant stories to fill them up:

Day 12

A trip to the mall and a ride on Lyra's favorite carousel.

Day 13

Lyra pulled marshmallows out of her advent pail this morning. She helped me make homemade hot chocolate and thoroughly enjoyed the spoonfuls I put in her cup.

Seemingly unimportant, but something I can’t yet articulate happens when little moments are frozen in an image and celebrated in a scrapbook like this. Perhaps even a year from now, I’ll remember nothing about the way I splattered the entire stove with milk as I tried to froth it with an electric whisk. I won’t remember those polka dotted pajamas, the mall carousel, or that goofy hat I’m wearing as my hair grows out.

An hour of time, squeezed into a month where everyone is busybusybusy. If I didn’t have a page to create who knows if I even would have bothered to capture the moments. They’d simply be gone. Swallowed up. A dozen YouTube videos, an hour of Facebpook, two more things added to the To Do list, a sip of a strong cosmopolitan and the battle is lost. Worse than the cutting room floor.

So, sometimes our best designs are best spent not on the biggest, best, most exciting events of the year. But on those little, innocuous moments that are so eager to escape a fatigued and over-occupied brain.

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