December Daily: Day 8

9 Dec

Today’s post comes with a revelation of sorts. One that’s hit me gradually over the past year. I think we all go there from time to time, to the lands of some-day-I’m-gonnna and If only my life were different, I’d do XYZ. I’ve lived most of my adult life in those places. A place where there was a better kitchen to cook and bake in, better weather, where I had more space, more time, more money, more anything than what I had right in front of me.

Then, a few months ago, I heard myself saying it about motherhood. I was looking through the blogs of some creative and crafty moms—some who were homeschooling their children, others who worked full time, but who all managed craft an artistic life for themselves and build a home filled with creative energy for their children.

And in reading about these women’s lives, I found myself saying: Someday I’m going to live creatively like that. Someday I’m going make things for my home. Someday I’l live in a place with and extra bedroom where i can craft and lay out giant sheets of paper for my daughter to color on. Some day I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna…

And then, I stopped myself.

What if I just did it now?

What if I just repainted those kitchen cabinets a rich color that has no resell value, simply because I loved it? What if I saved an egg carton and bought a $1 bottle of craft paint and turned it into pumpkins for Halloween? What if I just started trying to do all of those crafty things that people more talented than me did and that I admired from afar?

I have, and will only have, one child.

How much of her life (of my life) am I going to waste dreaming it up differently, instead of simply living it differently?

The image for this post, along with the entire the album I have been building for December Daily, represent my current answers to that question. I am loving the process, and I am learning so much about myself and what I value in the mean time.



This is my first attempt at making a holiday card. I’m not actually sure why I’ve never tried it before. Mostly, I think I’ve always been in search of that perfectly choreographed portrait placed on the just-right cardstock.

My life, my photography, my non-new clothes just weren’t worthy of commemorating in a photo and sending to other’s mailboxes.

Those grand visions may come to fruition some day. But this year—when I am learning to appreciate the holiday season as it is, without longing for something else—I’m happy to have this pretty good photo.

And I’ll take pride that I’ve made something good enough, with my own hands.


3 Responses to “December Daily: Day 8”

  1. Julie Pippert December 10, 2009 at 12:28 pm #

    As a recovering Perfectionistic Control Freak Eyes on the Greener Grass sort, not only do I get this, and appreciate you writing it, but I have to confess to being All Done With That. I am NOT crafty. When the spirit moves me to create, I do, in my own way. Once, I joined a scrapbooking group to try to Meet and Exceed Expectations (those damn Shoulds). ACK! lol I am now, instead, putting my time to accepting who and how I am, we are (my family). This is me, this is us — we can be comfortable in our own skin. I want my kids to learn that, grow up…less encumbered.

    It’s working a little. I read your beautiful writing without measuring my own against it (to my detriment of course lol). I simply enjoyed reading a wonderful piece. I’m in a blog carnival now and read the other submissions with simple pleasure. Wow.

    I want a blue ribbon.


    Anyway, all that to say AMEN to this post and your points — yes, to going for it now because you ARE all that and what you make is beautiful because it comes from you and you are perfect as yourself.

    Love it.

  2. Julie Pippert December 10, 2009 at 12:29 pm #

    Oh BTW “love it” refers to your card. It’s fab, and I’ve so enjoyed your December days. Love it also refers to the post. :)

  3. slouchy December 29, 2009 at 8:54 pm #

    The card is perfect.

    And I hear you. I think I’m in the same place as you. Painting the study “Bangkok Rust” this week. :)

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