December Daily: Day 5 & 6

7 Dec


Day 5 Journaling:

Santa Coaster

It wasn’t her first time meeting the big man in the red suit, but it was the first time she’d been this close to him since learning to talk and express herself. She was nervous, but not exactly terrified. Santa eased her tension with a couple of high fives and a handshake. Seeing Santa is the advertised highlight of this train ride. But for Lyra, nothing was more exciting than finally getting the chance to stop watching the trains from a distance, and climb aboard. So worth the $4 per person the city charges. This is certain to become a family tradition for as long as we live here, and Lyra remains interested.


Day 6 Journaling:

Saturday was the day that I had been anticipating for almost a year. The Santa Coaster ride was one of the highlights of our holiday season last year. And as Lyra’s love of trains emerged this year, I couldn’t wait to take her on an actual train. She loved everything, but her up-close encounter with Santa.

It was a joy to capture and I was so happy to share that day with our playgroup friends, and to be able to capture some sweet images of these families together.

We kept things going into Saturday night, with a long drive to downtown San Diego, for the annual December Nights festival. It wasn’t quite a disappointment, but it was less festive than I had built up in my mind.

Sunday was quiet day at home, capped off with a homemade beef stew and an afternoon viewing of A Charlie Brown Christmas and stove popped popcorn.

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