Wait? People don’t leap at the chance to sing karaoke?

2 Feb

The premise of the question assumes that I would be embarrassed to sing karaoke. Although I have only been twice, and my heart pounds before I do it in public, I love singing.

One More Try by George Michael

Not only would I sing this song at karaoke, I have sung this song at karaoke. I can sing the hell out of this song. I have been singing it since I was in 6th grade–in the shower and out–and I am crazy enough to think I sound good when I do.

Breathe by Anna Nalick

In the spring of 2006 I found myself in a, not unfamiliar, but miserable place. And, while driving to work on particularly loathsome morning, I tuned in to a radio station I rarely listen to (Howard was gone and NPR was probably doing a pledge drive). I hear this song. It’s misery and plea for moment to moment survival achieve simply by unclenching my jaw, unbuttoning my coat, and yes, breathing. I downloaded as soon as I got into the office and listened to it in a loop all day (I do this with songs I love, I listen until the song becomes the soundtrack of a period in my life). In any case, I cannot hear this song without belting it out, as loud as I possibly can. Windows down, tears sometimes falling. Yes, even now. And I would sing the shit out this song in karaoke.

Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead

I’m not going to let another music-based question go by without including my favorite band. Most Radiohead songs don’t lend themselves well to sing along, especially given my limits at the higher range. But this song is perfect mid-90’s angst. It eventually arrives at a wail, but finishes with a whisper. Yeah, I’d sing the ass off this song.


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  1. Tammy February 4, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    I love the significance of certain songs that make us remember our past…it’s like looking back at a photo album of past pictures…I still belt out songs from my childhood..including yes..debbie gibson!!

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