So long, again

1 Jan

With another day to reflect, it’s only fair (fair to me, which I’m not very good at being) that I mention just one more thing. 

The fact that I am excited and looking forward to returning to work is a sign of just how far I’ve come in these eighteen months. There was a time, perhaps a long time, when I was too consumed with grief, self-pity, and anxiety to even update my resume, let alone send it out. Thinking about getting dressed every morning, commuting to an office, and dropping Lyra off at daycare was more than I can bare. 

But now, I’m actually excited by the possibility of putting on a suit, lunches with co-workers, and meetings (yes, even the dull ones). I’m excited to see the ways Lyra will grow when I’m not ten feet away, observing every subtle change. 

Getting here has been really hard work, most of it not obvious to an observer. So that leaves me to acknowledge it.

I just did.


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  1. Jessica January 4, 2009 at 3:03 pm #

    That’s great! I hope you find a great place to work. Good Luck!

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