18 Mar

It’s been weeks and weeks since I’ve done this. So, in an effort to play catch-up while failing to write something noteworthy and substantial, you get a series of lists.

Yes, there are still half-finished drafts that are not finished. As time passes, it feels like acknowledging failure to revisit them. I’m not suggesting that this is truth, but it is the voice I hear in my head when I think about finishing them.

Things I have been doing lately instead of blogging:

  1. Joining a mommies group.
  2. Going to parks (see #1).
  3. Catching and then recovering from a cold.
    This happens any time I travel or meet new groups of people. I have always caught a cold the second week of school each year and get sick as soon as I start a new job. Every vacation I take concludes with me getting terribly sick. Anyone who has tips for this, I’d welcome it. Hand sanitizing, Airborne, and Zicam are not working.
  4. Meal planning (includes grocery shopping, cooking and storing).
  5. Making baby cubes.
  6. Marveling at, and struggling through, Lyra’s latest milestones (see below).
  7. Cleaning my floors with this hard surface floor cleaner, because mopping has been impossible since my surgery; and I really hate looking at grime on floors.
  8. Sleeping, because all of this housework and mingling with people either puts me in a place where I need pain medication (yes, still); or drains me because I’m such an introvert that an hour-long social encounter requires four hours of recovery time.

Things that Lyra has experienced since the last time I actually managed to write a Five Things list:

  1. Sitting up (on Christmas Eve, of all days).
  2. The joy of ripping paper off a wrapped present.
  3. Separation anxiety.
  4. Two colds, each lasting two days.
  5. Shear terror following her first stuffy nose.
  6. Nightmares that make her scream out in the middle of the night.
  7. Extreme frustration while learning to crawl.
  8. Crawling.
  9. Extreme frustration upon realizing that crawling isn’t walking.
  10. Being mistaken for a boy any time she’s not dressed in pink flowers from head to toe.
  11. Falling, finger pinching, head bumping and other hazards of being mobile.
  12. The joy of pulling an object off the table and watching it fall.
  13. An obsessive desire to sample whatever is on Momma’s plate.
  14. The agony of feeling her first two teeth emerge.
  15. The power that comes with using her first two teeth for biting.
  16. Pulling to standing.
  17. Cruising.
  18. A lowered crib.
  19. A human in a character suit.
  20. Styled hair.
  21. Learned how to bang things (current favorite: a wood xylophone).
  22. Choked on a leaf.
  23. Began to clap her hands.
  24. Developed an unhealthy love of french fries.
  25. Fell in love with water.

Things that I have been thinking about a lot:

  1. Whether BPA will result in the horrors of Children of Men coming true.
  2. My first trimester bleeding episodes and their connection to my postpartum hemorrhage.
  3. My weight.
  4. Cutting my hair.
  5. The Great Depression.
  6. Garrison.
  7. Tummy tucks.
  8. Whether I need physical therapy.
  9. The sadness of my wardrobe.
  10. Portland.
  11. Taking a vacation.
  12. Having my breathing tube removed.
  13. The collapse of my junior high school.
  14. How difficult it is to be a locavore.
  15. How sad it is that I miss cable as much as I do.

Last, not quite a list, but here’s a link to our Parent’s Night Out event from a few weekends, ago. Jim and Natasha gave birth to their son, Sam, the day after Lyra was born. This was their first day alone together since he was born. My parents agreed to watch both babies, while the four of us ate at a trendy restaurant, toured downtown San Diego, bowled badly, and deserted on ice cream. Good, clean fun.


5 Responses to “Listless”

  1. Tammy March 18, 2008 at 7:09 pm #

    I remember those days of crawling and sampling my plate and all the other things…oh the joys of motherhood…we need to get together soon…and that bowling night sounds like fun….my mom in law would watch both babies as well if you guys are interested one day…

  2. niobe March 24, 2008 at 5:20 am #

    Lately, I, too, have been thinking a lot about the Great Depression. And, of course, the great depression.

  3. slouching mom March 24, 2008 at 8:57 am #

    listless. perfect. there’s something about feb. and mar. that inspire listlessness, i think. hang in. brighter (longer) days ahead. lyra sounds adorable — i miss those baby days.

    ps i had to have the colyte, sadly, but it’s all in the past now… thanks for the advice.

  4. Julie Pippert March 24, 2008 at 11:53 am #

    Based on all Lyra is doing I can imagine you haven’t time for blogging. There’s this span between “baby who lays” and “child who plays alone without burning down the house (much)” that infringes on blog time. ;)

    On the upside it’s so much fun…all those advances. What a cutie your girl is, too.

    Check into adrenal health and how to boost yours. It’s individual. All I can say is since reading the book and following tips that work for me I’ve done much better.

    Good to hear from you though. ;)

  5. TammyJ April 27, 2008 at 6:46 pm #

    Hey Yolanda time to update!!

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