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Challengers and Georgio Girls

30 Jan

me 1986It’s 1986 and I’ve just transfered to the gifted class at then new school. I have just turned ten. Two days later three girls from my class would get to spend the entire day watching television footage of the Challenger disaster, while the rest of us worked on assignments. I didn’t know why these girls were special, I accepted their status as fact. Their apparent worth only confirms for me my lack there of.

Though I am only ten, I am in the final stages of puberty. It has hit me hard. I stand a towering 5-feet and two inches (I would only grow one more inch before leaving elementary school, which would in turn be my adult height). Nearly C-cup breasts sprout from my chest. I am the only black face on this classroom. Only one of eleven in a 1200 student school.

These three girls are a special clique. Everyone is reading The Babysitters Club books and these girls have created a real life club of their own. The call themselves The Georgio Girls and they meet one day a week after lunch. The Georgio is for an expensive and pungent perfume that was well marketed and trendy at the time. i never cared for the sent, but throughout the late eighties you could identify every middle income woman who pretended to be wealthy by how long the scent of her Georgio perfume lingered after she’d left a room.

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