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Wish List: November 23, 2007

23 Nov

In honor of the Black Friday shopping orgy that everyone else will be participating in today, I am going to post three Wish List items.

But first, speaking of “Black Friday”….

I know that it’s called that because it’s the day that most retailers go from being in the red all year to finally turning a profit and they are therefore “in the black,” but the name makes me think that it’s some new holiday celebrating black folks that I only commemorate by hiding in my house and making many, many plated of reheated turkey and dressing. My parents, on the other hand (who were raised in Mississippi and Chicago—in fact Jesse Jackson was preacher at my mom’s church and there are pictures of him and Dr. king in my mom’s senior yearbook—lived through segregation and Jim Crow and Civil Rights marches and Black Panthers handing out leaflets on the corner, and are therefore much Blacker than I am), they celebrate by getting up at 4:30 in the morning and shopping until somewhere around noon, adding a new singing and dancing light-up Santa to their collection every year.

One year I tried to celebrate my people’s holiday—and by “my people,” I’m not only referring to my fine, black ancestors, but to my white one’s as well; I’m speaking of Americans as whole, for no day represents us better than one where we willingly participate in an orgy of shopping and debt building, immediately following a 3000 calorie feast, in the name of holy capitalism and strengthening the economy ah men. Garrett and I got up with my parents, wet to Kmart, and Walmart, and every other disturbingly crowded big box and department store, only to find that even at six in the morning, “all the god stuff” was gone. The only thing left on the shelves was stuff that would be on sale all of the following week.

Wait…and you get up at 4:30 in the morning for what reason? To come buy stuff that you could buy, oh, any time during the next week?! This stuff doesn’t compute in my mind. Neither does going to malls in the first place. Why deal with crowds, when you have the comfort of the internet and QVC at your disposal?

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming. You can find out why I am writing a Wish List here. Continue reading