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Right On Schedule

20 Nov

I consulted the authorities on the internet (namely, Martha and a bunch of other Google results that all had the same article copied from some unknown and unnamed source), and it appears I’m right on schedule:

Two Weeks Before

Confirm your guest list.

Order your turkey, if fresh. Purchase your turkey, if frozen.

Plan the remainder of your menu. Give out specific assignments if guests will be contributing dishes to the meal.

Prepare your shopping list.

Take an inventory of table and kitchen supplies. Make arrangements to borrow or rent any items that you lack.

One Week Before

Order your centerpiece.

Iron linens. [Umm if I wanted to iron linens, I wouldn’t have bought a table with attractive, dark wood.]

Polish your silver. [Ha! Silver. Polish? Skipping this one.]

Purchase wine, beer, soft drinks.

Shop for non-perishables.

Select music.

Make a plan for cleaning your house, particularly the rooms that will likely be seen by guests. Declutter the messiest rooms first.

Three Days Before

Purchase all perishable ingredients.

Bake and freeze any pies or other desserts that can be frozen.

Two Days Before

Begin cleaning and chopping any vegetables for the stuffing/dressing and side dishes. Refrigerate.

Take out your roasting pan, meat thermometer and any specialty kitchen equipment that you keep tucked away the rest of the year.

Prepare recipes that can be refrigerated for two days such as dips, soups and cranberry sauce.

Prepare and chill pie dough.

Make a written plan for cooking your meal.

From Thanksgiving Planner by Donna Pilato,