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And now, disappoinment sets in

17 Nov

I had good intentions. I was motivated. I’d already done it several times, when I thought I couldn’t. Then yesterday, failure.

I know that I  should try and frame it a different way. It was a busy day, a horribly busy day. There was pooping and bathing and conference calls and drives to San Diego and a long, long grocery shopping trip to pick up all of the goodies for Thanksgiving. There was prepping the baby for a weekend with grandma, there was crying (draining, draining crying).

And then…who knows?

A drained, drained me.

I awoke this morning after a fitful night of sleep and said, “Shit.”

And now it’s done. I was eaten alive by the halfway point. I’m so disappointed, but I’m not stopping. Tomorrow’s another day. Tomorrow’s another day… 

Wait? Didn’t I end a post with that just a few days ago?  Don’t I complain about having nothing to write, or feeling exhausted, or overwhelmed, or unmotivated at least two times per week? And I wonder why my traffic hovers at around 2 clicks per day…oops, negativity creeping in. s much for these stream of consciousness posts. They always wind up in the same place: Negative Land. I suppose that’s pretty revealing about where my consciousness lies…

I’m loving the ellipsis today. Can you tell?

The next seven days will be make or break for this challenge, though I suppose I’ve already been broken by it. Managing to blog amidst the pie dough rolling, gravy making,  and chopping, chopping, chopping will be interesting to say the least. Hopefully I’ll be able to entertain you with more than recipes and pictures of my baby.