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Poor Performance

12 Nov

This post was inspired by the Monday Mission from the Painted Maypole (found by way of Julie Pippert’s Using My Words). I had nothing else, today. So I’m glad I found a small piece of inspiration. Monday’s seem to be the toughest day for me to get things posted. If I worked and had the whole start-of-the-work-week blues to contend with, this would make more sense. Something very odd happened in my virtual life this weekend, that is almost impossible to explain to those who only live in one world. But let’s just say for now that in some ways the virtual world can tell you more about the way real life human beings behave than some of my of my most intimate experiences. (And for you INTJs out there, Second Life is about as magical as it gets.) Without diving into it, this experience is rattling me and occupying a tremendous amount of brain space. I’d like to just let it go, but letting go just isn’t in my blood chemistry. So, wihout further adieu, I bring you my contribution to the Monday Mision.

S: It’s not my glasses is it?
Y: No, no. Of course not. I wear glasses. She sees people in glasses all the time.
Yv: Awww. Whatsa matter? We drove all this way to see you. grandma missed you soooo much. Awww. Don’t cry…
G: She’s never like this. I don’t know what’s wrong.
Yv: Aunt S___ drove down from Washington. We drove two hours across the mountains to come see you.
Y: She slept four hours. She can’t be tired…oh look, she’s rooting. That must be the problem. Pass me the Boppy, please.
S: Aww see, poor thing was tired. She went right to sleep.
G: I guess she was tired after all.

[One hour later.]

S: There’s your smile. We’re so happy to see you smiling, now.
Yv: You’re getting so big, sweet— Oh, no. Don’t do that…
S: What is it sweetheart?
Yv: Aww don’t stick that lip out. Okay, okay, okay. Shhhhhh.
G: You’re okay, sweetie. Look at Grandma.
Yv: (sighing) Okay. Go to your Momma.