Some Unrelated Things

8 Nov
  1. I went to the farmer’s market for the first time since I learned we had one. I wasn’t overly impressed, but it was a good excuse to get out of the house with Lyra, which I always need because I’m not an agoraphobe, but I live like one. I bought carrots, parsley, red chard, and limes. I will probably make minestrone soup tomorrow.
  2. Lyra talks a lot. It’s not in a language I can understand, but I wish I did. She has so much to say. She sounds very much like a bleating lamb, or a strangled goat. Her voice goes up and down the scales and she can sometimes go aaahhhooOOOooaaawwahhhooo for a solid hour. Perhaps the funniest thing is that she also does this in her sleep. It is an inherited trait from Garrett’s family. (You can imagine how bolt upright I sat in bed the first time I heard him cackling in his sleep. It scared the crap out of me.) But when she makes noises in her crib, we have to check to make sure her eyes are open before we pick her up. Many times, she’s blabbing away in her usual, rhythmic way, but she is fast asleep. It’s an amusingly odd trait that I’m curious to watch develop.
  3. This post is the most popular post on my blog. It generates at least one hit a day. I guess people are crazy about Milk Duds. It’s a far more popular search term than I ever imagined.
  4. Lyra turns four-months-old, tomorrow. Here’s a picture I took of her last week. I did not pose her. She fell asleep nursing :-)


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