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Geek Love

3 Nov

[More mushy nostalgia brought on by our Tenth Anniversary. I started this post yesterday, but it kind of derailed. So I’m reworking it in the honor of NaBloPoMo.]

A confession: I have only dated one man whom I didn’t meet online. I say online in italics, because what that means in 2007 is a very different thing from what it meant in 2002, when my friends James and Daniel said I should get a modem and sign up for this local bbs called Anarchy X because it was really cool and you chat with people from all over San Diego. Yes. I’m an old school geek who knows what a baud rate is and I remember the glorious day I bought my first Mac (in 1996) and left my crappy, DOS-based, IBM Ps1 with 2400 baud behind, and stood amazed as text pages loaded at one time (not a line-at-a-time) atthe blazingly-fast speed of 28.8. In case you’re wondering, 28.8 is less-than half as fast as the painfully-slow 56K modem you’d use for dial up these days (Wait? Dial up? People still use dial up? And they manage to keep breathing and everything?).

But this post is not about my geek cred. I’m just prone tangents, especially when I wax nostalgic.I was beginning to tell you that in my short dating life, I’ve (Should that be “I’d?” And what is up with my interior monologue thing, today?) only dated guys that I met online. The reason for this is quite simple. It’s the only place I could meet someone. I’m just not the kind of chick that guys ask out. I won’t go all moody and tell you it’s because I’m fat, or ugly, or because I spent much of my school life being the only dark-skinned face amongst a sea of white kids…I simply have never been asked out by anyone who met me in person first. And, aside from 50+-year-old men on the bus, I’ve never even been on. Guys just don’t see me that way. So I suppose it’s a good thing I’m not on the prowl.

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