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Lyra isn’t happy with the paparazzi following her everywhere

30 Nov

Get that camera outta here!

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I’m having trouble with my ABC meme, so it’s going to be a day or two before I get it posted. Therefore, I’m ending NaBloPoMo with a funny picture of Lyra.

I’m not sure, but I think she dropped a few F bombs before yelling, “Get that camera outta here!

Tough one, that Lyra.


Seven Things About Me

29 Nov

I have read these memes many times on other’s blogs. For the first time, I have been tagged. Thank you to Julie of Using My Words for giving me something to write, today. (Incidentally, Julie tagged me twice. Tomorrow I shall take on the challenge of the other meme.)

  1. When I was four-years-old my mother took us to the beach. I was sucked in by the force of a large drain pipe. The sound of the rushing water was repeatedly muted as my head was sucked under again and again. My small body was useless against the current. I imagined myself floating to an undersea village and living with mermaids and fishes. Then there was afirm grasp from my brother’s hand and I was somehow pulled to safety. The next day I developed the worst case of chicken pox ever visited upon a human being. To this day, I am deathly afraid of having my head submerged in water or having water splash in my face unexpectedly.
  2. I dropped out of school my senior year of high school, under the weight of enormous academic pressure, my parents’ failing marriage, and my own terrible relationship. After three days I was forced to go back and was placed in regular classes on a half-day schedule so that I could simple earn my remaining credits and graduate. I had not been in a class with non-advanced students since third grade. I was terrified, at first. The work was at least three grades beneath me. For the only time in my life, I had a 4.0 GPA.
  3. I have flat feet.
  4. I did not apply to a single college even though I received this “prestigious writing award” in high school. My biggest regret is not knowing if I would have been turned down and simply assuming I would. (My fear of rejection was is just that big.) Although I earned an AA in web design, it would take me almost thirteen years after I graduated high school to finally earn a BA in English.
  5. I can only eat eggs that I have prepared. This causes big problems for me when I eat breakfast out. The sight and smell of eggs on my plate makes me gag.
  6. I took dance lessons and gymnastics throughout most of my childhood. I had a dream of starring in Kids Incorporated, followed by Fame, and then moving on to a career as a Rockette. My mother signed me up for an advanced gymnastics class when I was ten. Early puberty made me taller, heavier, and bustier than the other girls there. I was the non-white girl in the gym. I cried the next time I was brought for lessons and refused to go in.
  7. For years I had a recurring nightmare about being chased by a wild boar. The dream started early in childhood and stretched until my late teens. One day an old movie was on television and I began to see the scene fro my dream play out in front of me. It was a minor scene from Old Yeller. I don’t remember seeing the movie when I was young, but apparently it stuck with me. I’ve never had the dream since that day, but I remember it vividly, because I had it so often for so many years.

I don’t know seven people to tag, but here is my list below:

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Realizations: A List

28 Nov
  1. The longer I stay indoors, the more I want to. I literally do not notice when a week has gone past and I have not dressed in anything more than pajamas and loungewear for a week, because I have not gone outside and therefore have not needed to get dressed. I won’t suggest that this is a good thing. But it doesn’t particularly bother me.
  2. My baby is growing and changing so quickly. I was so happy when she passed the newborn stage, and now I am starting to miss it.
  3. NaBloPoMo has been revealing for me. There is a reason I don’t make my living as a writer, even though I long believed that I would. I thought there was something in my way. Some magical, time-dissolving thing (commuting, school, working on the house) that if I could just manage to make it go away, I would be able to commit fully to a writing life. I’m coming to terms with the fact that that level of commitment isn’t in me. In spite what I may have believed in the past, I don’t believe that writing is what I meant to do with my life.
  4. On that same note, I don’t actually know if I believe I was meant to do anything with my life. It’s an uncomfortable thought for me, but having a belief that I was meant to do something has been more of a burden to me than a gift. I think I’d like to let go of that belief.
  5. Not wearing attractive clothing is making me feel less attractive.
  6. I have surpassed the age that my parents were in my earliest memories of them. By the time they were my age, they had two children in school. Ironically, like me, they had been married for ten years.
  7. I really like to have a piece of chocolate every day, but I don’t always have it around.