Theories Abound

7 Jul

I received a geekily funny e-mail from a friend expounding theories on the slow appearance of Baby Howe:

  • The baby doesn’t want to come out while there is a Republican in the White House
  • The baby heard about smog and doesn’t want to introduce it to its pristine lungs
  • The baby wants to wait until Ratatouille is out on DVD
  • The baby is a Harry Potter fan and wants to wait until #5 is in the theaters (which I believe is the same as your projected due date) or #7 is in the stores (which would be another three-ish weeks from now…)

These are all great. I have a few of my own:

  • The baby has inherited my propensity for procrastination and is planning to come out, but “just hasn’t gotten around to it, yet.”
  • The baby has inherited a stubborn streak from Grandma Precious. He’s ready to come out, but he’s certainly not gonna do it just because you think it’s a good idea.
  • The baby has inherited her father’s obsessive compulsion toward research and analysis. She will make a decision on coming out, when she has found enough compelling information online to convince her that it is time.

Any more theories? (An official update to follow, shortly.)

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