Update: Week 38, Cone Head Edition

28 Jun

This update will be substantially shorter than last week’s, not because it is less significant, but because there is far less to reveal. Yesterday, we went to my 38 Week doctor’s appointment. Everything checked normal and after an uncomfortable internal exam it was revealed that I have dilated another inch or so. The full moon approaches this weekend, which has been known to stir the amniotic fluids of many a woman.

My doctor and I agree that it’s really not possible for me to dilate further without going into actual labor. There are certainly women who experience labors, but they are rare and I am not counting on being one of them. I am, however, really grateful to my uterus and cervix for efficiently getting to work during this warm up phase.

That is not to say that I haven’t shed a few tears over the intense pelvic pressure I’ve been feeling. The baby’s head is super low and has been for a few weeks now. I am predicting the id will have the biggest conehead this side of Mars when he/she finally makes a debut. In other words, don’t expect a Gerber baby in the initial pictures.

That’s all for now. Next appointment is Monday, unless Baby Howe decides to make an earlier debut…

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