Update: Week 37

21 Jun

I promised you a quick update about how my appointment went yesterday. I was running late and there was an unexpected amount of traffic for The Fair, so I arrived late. This meant that my initial blood pressure reading was elevated (144/99), but dropped a few minutes later to a range that is normal, for me at least (125/90).

My Group B Strep test came back negative, which is a big plus. Just because a positive result would have meant going to the hospital earlier than I want to and being hooked up to an IV. All things that cramp your style when you are planning a natural, unmedicated birth.

I explained to the doctor that, while I wasn’t sure it was possible to feel oneself dilating during this pre-labor stage, I kinda think I’ve been feeling my cervix open. He grinned at this possibility and said, “Really? Well then let’s check.”I’ll spare you the details of what checking means, but needless to say he was able to confirm that what I was feeling was real. My cervix is dilating and effacing. How much? I’m not saying.

I will not reveal the actual numbers, because I don’t want anyone out there getting too excited and calling me every ten minutes to ask if I’ve had the baby yet. This pre-labor work is important for the body, but it can last weeks. It’s best not to get too excited until your uterus is in full swing, with contractions getting “longer, stronger, and closer together.” If you start believing you’re in the game when you’re really just warming up, then you’re bound to collapse before the Seventh Inning Stretch (God, I just made a sports metaphor). So anyway, continue to watch this page for updates. When the real deal happens, we promise to bring you live coverage here.

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