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Full Term

19 Jun

Today I am 37 weeks pregnant, which is the milestone marker of full term birth. If I were to go into labor at any point from now on, nothing would be done to intervene and stop it and there would be no concern for premature birth. But, since full term birth can happen anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks, we are still possibly a month away from delivering.

I am getting a lot pre-labor cues from my body, which makes me doubtful I will go much longer. Though, honestly even five weeks away seems too soon. Nine months ago, I thought I would understand so much more about taking care of a baby than I did at the time. I still feel like an ignorant amateur.

I forgot to post an update after last week’s doctor’s appointment. Mainly because the only thing to report was that my doctor smiled for the first time since we’d met. My 24-hour urine test came back with flying colors and no sign of increased protein (which would indicate pre-eclampsia and a slew of bad possibilities). We will have weekly check ups, until I deliver. Tomorrow will be the first of the weeklies.